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That's a Thing?!

Dec 28, 2017

Welcome to Episode 2 of That’s A Thing?!, “a sometimes belated, already outdated guide to your teens, tweens and everything under 20.” Elizabeth, a real live teenager, explains things to her mom. And this time around, she tells the story of Team 10.

Team 10 is a collective of YouTube channels whose hosts boost each other’s follower counts by harnessing the same techniques that made oldtime Hollywood, soap operas, wrestling and reality TV capture our attention. The tropes are familiar, but Team 10 had completely escaped Karen’s attention, until now.

Here are the show notes:

If you are an old who wants to understand something the youngs are talking about, or if you are a teenager who would like us to explain something to your elders so you don’t have to, email us at or tweet your suggestion to Karen @karenunland.

The music for That’s A Thing?! is Scott Joplin’s Ragtime Dance from the Free Music Archive. Many thanks to Castria for production assistance.